ADD is an emerging design consultancy and project management company whose aim is the embellishment of the living environment.

We concretize dreams. We depict unique innovative visions.We marry, through our designs, functions and aesthetics. We respect values and formulate ideals to budget.

ADD is distinguished by the excellent quality of its productions and is committed to Client’s satisfaction

 ADD delivers innovative and specialized engineering and strategy solutions. Sustainable design is at the core of company’s delivered solutions.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to become the international reference firm for sustainable design and ecological transition while building fantastic designs – out of the realistic realm.

Our Mission

To deliver technical innovation for the global ecological transition.

Our Assets

ADD has gathered under its umbrella a wide group of international professionals, architects, landscape architects, urban Planners, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers all committed to excellence in design and possess technical knowledge in the sustainability and ecological transition.

Our Values

More than the excellence in Design output achieved through serious coordination with Clients, ADD’s basic differentiation is values:

Be highly creative

Produce high quality

Respect Due-Date

Avoid briberies – give permit follow-up to other professionals.

Avoid discrimination whether related to Sex, Age (seniority vs. novice), Religious beliefs etc.

Most of all, refuse commissions on materials choice and application.

Our Culture

At ADD, the culture is of ethical adhocracy. Since creativity is antagonist to routines, adhocracy of times, media, references and tools are encouraged to derive innovation. Often Client is attracted by this unique set-up and results, however, pressures are, then, performed to moderate the output to suit local construction techniques. Bureaucracy is sustained to a minimum, i.e. only to keep the accounting correct and functional. Through this creative set-up, processes are strict and operations are well coordinated among trades all through the project development. Indeed, adhocracy is only in-house and at strict design quest spots.

Our Techniques

Our techniques include state-of-the-art sustainable design, life cycle assessment studies, urban and buildings simulations and energy modelling studies on advanced BIM platforms based on international standards and codes.

Our Innovation

Sustainable design & consulting services

Parametric Architectural Design

Energy Transition Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Energy and CO2 trading solutions