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ADD – Architecture, Design and Development sarl – is a newly established firm which focus is Design. From buildings to software, a wide array of topics is covered including Interior and landscaping. Newly, ADD would like to offer its selected services for the realization of distinguished websites tailored to elitist customers.

Recently, ADD has successfully developed its own web which is attracting international clients and researchers. The brilliant output has received highly positive appraisals. This is an insight to push further the limits of our potentials in order to reach a wider segment of special clientele.

Websites will be designed to Clients requirements skillfully with high expertise. Graphics will be developed in conjunction with Clients after deep understanding of requirements. Interactive dialogues will be inserted in several modules of the Web to entice customers’ responsiveness and to upsurge their interest in the specific business.

Furthermore, ADD is not only willing to negotiate several design options as related to the websites, but, is also ready to tackle other Design subjects such as special interior elements, brochures, special cards designs and many others.

Finally, and upon Clients’ request, ADD may promote the business model into a selected social network whose web was designed by its professionals. This new network would ultimately enjoy its special position among similar high-tech commercial firms.




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